Beautiful Primitive Treen Home Decor!


These beautiful items offered by Country Vintage Home might just fool your guests! These are antique reproductions made of resin. They are cast from the original antiques and carefully finished. Details from the original pieces like the grain of the wood are captured, and some of our Treen also features leather straps and attractive tags. Our Treen is very primitive-looking; because they are cast from authentic antiques, there are marks, holes, and knots. Our Treen has a realistic matte finish and careful attention to detail. Our Treen is not recommended for use with unwrapped food.

Country Vintage Home invites you to browse through the other selections in our Vintage Decor collection, as well as the many other items in our store. We are sure you are going to find just the right piece or pieces to make your home a Country Vintage Home! Please Contact Us for availability and possible special pricing on bulk orders.

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Big Dipper Treen

Wooden Utensils Replica The Big Dipper presented by Country Vintage Home measures 6¼" w..


Centerpiece Bowl

Decorative Bowl Replica The Treen Centerpiece Bowl presented by Country Vinta..


Culpepper Centerpiece Bowl

Decorative Bowl Replica The Treenware Culpepper Bowl presented by Country Vintage Home ..


Homer's Samplin' Spoon

Wooden Utensils Replica This Treen Small Spoon offered by Country Vintage Home is ..


Large Distressed Decorative Bowl

Decorative Wood Bowl Replica The Large Distressed Bowl presented by Country Vintage Hom..


Large Pig Bowl

Pig Bowl This whimsical Large Pig Bowl presented by Country Vintage Home measures 7" wi..


Large Square Trencher

Decorative Bowl Replica The Treen Large Square Trencher presented by Country Vinta..


Large Wooden Scoop

Wooden Scoop Replica The Treen Collection Large Wooden Scoop presented by Country Vinta..


Large Wooden Scoop with Handle

Wooden Scoop Replica The Treen Large Wooden Scoop with Handle presented by Country..


Medium Pig Wood Serving Tray

Wood Serving Tray Replica Medium Pig Tray presented by Country Vintage Home&n..


Nanny's Fixin Bowl

Decorative Bowl Replica The Treen Collection Nanny’s Fixin Bowl presented by ..


Nonie's Decorative Bowl - Black

Decorative Wood Bowl Replica The Treen Nonie’s Bowl in Black presented by Country ..


Oval Trencher Centerpiece Bowl

Decorative Wood Bowl Replica The Treen Collection Oval Trencher presented by Country Vi..


Primitive Large Centerpiece Bowl with Hole

Decorative Wood Bowl Replica The Treen Primitive Large Centerpiece Bowl with ..


Primitive Round Breadboard Wood Centerpiece

Wood Serving Tray Replica Primitive Round Breadboard presented by Country Vin..