Clocks and Calendars

Clocks and Calendars

Primitive Clocks


Clocks are an easy way to add a touch of vintage to your home and Country Vintage Home has put together a large variety of stylish and trendy vintage look clocks with a country twist. With all of the electronics available now we don’t necessarily need a clock to tell us what time it is, but a large decorative timepiece can make a primitive decor statement in any room you your home. 

Let’s face it, adding any boring old timepiece will do the job, but why not include it in decor theme and make it a conversation piece? Adding a group of various sized primitive wall clocks to a bare wall can add a decorative focal point to any room. Many vintage-look clocks placed at various heights, from floor to ceiling will draw the eye and can dress up a rustic living room or dining room.

Our Vintage Galvanized Clock Cabinet is ideal for the kitchen or office space in your home, with its cabinet opening to reveal a shelf and two hooks for storage. And our Hen House Wall Clock with its aged, distressed finish can complement any farmhouse décor style. We invite you to add a decorative timepiece to your home décor. 

Country Vintage Home also offers a selection of desktop or tabletop clocks that can add trendy country style to your home office, bedroom or living room. Using a tabletop clock within your country or farmhouse décor will not only be a stylish touch, you’ll always know what time it is! A large clock, such as our Rustic Galvanized Big Ben Wall Clock can be the focal point in a room. Placed behind a sofa, this clock can do double duty as wall art. The color and theme of the room can be easily built around a vintage map of the world. Shop for your favorite today!



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