Solid Copper Beating Bowl, 5 Qt.

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Solid Copper Beating Bowl, 5 Qt.

Vintage Kitchen Decor


Solid Copper beating bowls have long been valued by professional chefs and bakers for their special properties: A chemical reaction with the Copper allows you to beat up to a third more volume into egg whites, resulting in lighter cakes and fluffier chiffon.

  • This 5 quart bowl makes a great gift for any chef or cook plus it can be hung from the brass thumb ring as a decorative kitchen accent when not in use.

This beating bowl offered by Country Vintage Home was shipped from the factory without any lacquer or other coating being applied.  Consequently, you may notice some tarnishing or other discoloration.  This is normal and may easily be removed following the “CLEANING YOUR BEATING BOWL” instructions.  

  • Hand wash with warm soapy water and hand dry thoroughly.

Copper beating bowls are made specifically for increasing the volume of air that can be beaten into egg whites, or mixtures containing egg whites.  Use of a copper beating bowl for other purposes is not recommended. Before each use, prepare the interior surface of your bowl using a mixture of lemon juice and table salt. Rinse with water and dry.  While this preparation is not essential, it will help activate the volume enhancing qualities of your copper bowl. Do not store foods in this bowl. Transfer food to a suitable food storage container.


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