Five Father’s Day Gifts Ideas with Country Style

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Country Style Gift Ideas Any Dad Will Love This Father's Day!


Here are a few things all dads love: tinkering, exploring, laughing, chasing, tickling, snuggling, tossing, catching, teaching, learning, showering with love, and receiving lots of love in return. Father’s Day is the perfect time to reflect on all the wonderful things your dad does and to do some of his favorite things with him. Country Vintage Home carries lots of country style gifts that will make your dad smile and any dad will love to receive this Father's Day or any day for that matter! 





Gift Idea #1: Bird Feeder


Does your dad love to stare into endless green foliage in search of the elusive New England Longspur or Red-Bellied Woodpecker? Then we encourage you to support your father’s love of all things natural by presenting him this rustic style bird feeder. It is sturdy and able to withstand inclement weather. Plus, its attractive design will complement any outdoor décor. Fill it with the birdseed of your father’s choice, and enjoy watching the little chirpers flock to your back porch from the comfort of your living room—no binoculars needed!



Gift Idea #2: Truck Planter


They say some people are born with a green thumb, an ability to make plants thrive where others can’t seem to even keep them marginally alive. Perhaps your dad has that gift and has his very own plant utopia in the backyard. Or maybe he struggles to properly take care of the cactus you got him last year. Either way, he will love receiving the charming Pickup Truck Planter, a delightful, rust-colored pickup truck that might resemble the one he played with as a child or fantasized about purchasing as an adult. If he’s a plant guy, he can pop a few of them in the back and call it a planter. If he’s not, well, then this is a great spot to leave his keys or the contents of his pockets when he gets home from work. A great gift for any truck-loving dad!



Gift Idea #3: Table Lamp


Now perhaps your father isn’t really an outdoorsman and he prefers to sit in his favorite chair enjoying a good book. Or maybe he enjoys completing his latest 1000-piece puzzle - then a table lamp is a great gift option for the fantastic father in your life! Having the proper lighting is important and lamps are integral to indoor comfort. Have you ever seen your dad squinting at a newspaper five inches from his face, rather than getting up to turn on another light? We have, and we want to do something about it. For Father’s Day, we encourage you to get your dad a nice table lamp, like this Distressed Metal Table Lamp. Rustic and sturdy, this lamp will look stunning on any end table, and will always be close enough to click on without having to get up from his favorite comfy chair!



Gift Idea #4: Barware


No matter what type of dad your father is—outdoorsman, indoorsman, softie or drill sergeant—he definitely has a drink of choice he enjoys to unwind after a hard day of doing dad stuff. And if you do a little digging—maybe shadow him as he shuffles around the kitchen, and see what he pulls out of the fridge or the liquor cabinet—you can get exactly the drinking vessel he’ll appreciate most. For sophisticates who know how to make a mean mixed drink, this Hammered Copper Shaker is a dream. Complement it with a set of gorgeous copper martini glasses, and your dad’s after-work drink will be transformed into a world-class cocktail hour. If your pa is a partying man who only drinks socially, an embossed party tub is just the thing to give him. He and his friends will be able to enjoy cold drinks all afternoon long, and the gorgeous design will distract from the fact that the drinks might be their favorite soda or brew. 



Gift Idea #5: Furniture


If you really want to show your dad some love this year, the best way to do that might be to get him a beautiful piece of rustic furniture. Furniture makes a great gift as quality furniture can be passed down for generations. Plus, your dad can look at the furniture piece with pride knowing he received it for Father's Day from his beloved children. May we suggest a handsome writing desk for your father. He will enjoy sitting there working or relaxing. Perhaps a gorgeous sideboard - it is perfect for the father who needs a place to organize his books, metals or memorabilia. When purchasing furniture for your father, keep in mind his style and the function of the piece. You want to ensure it is a timeless piece that he can use to make memories and pass down as an heirloom to his beloved family!



Dads come in all shapes and sizes. They have different interests, passions, parenting styles, and hobbies. So there isn’t a one-size-fits-all Father’s Day gift. Here at Country Vintage Home, we have thoughtful, well-made gifts for every dad. That's why we're sure you will find a gift your dad will love this Father’s Day!




Be sure to share this beautiful Father's Day quote from George Strait with a special dad in your life!


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