About Country Vintage Home




Country Vintage Home is a family business located in Hohenwald Tennessee, a small southern town located just about seventy five miles southwest of Nashville.

The idea for Country Vintage Home developed over time from childhood memories of a simpler time here in the south when people worked hard, daylight to dark, to put food on the table. There was never a shortage of things to do to stay busy. Clothes, curtains, and quilts were hand made, and everything was recycled that could be. Folks grew most of their food, canning all summer to put back food for the winter or harder times. Wood had to be cut, chopped and stacked to dry well before winter. Clothes were hand washed in a wash tub and hung on the clothes line to dry. A lot of the furniture was made by hand. There was always something to do…

We both are drawn to the old country décor and furniture. Seeing an old pie safe, copper kettle, or trunk will always get our attention. It just amazes me how these pieces were made without power tools. This type of furniture was built well and handed down through the family. These days, people like for their furniture and accent pieces to have that vintage look with the paint worn off like it had been just setting there for a long time. Or to have the bed made with a down comforter or patchwork quilt, just like at Granny’s house.

We talked about buying or renting a shop in town to maybe sell country style furnishings and décor type items, but in late 2016 the way and means presented itself to set up an online store, and Country Vintage Home was born. Our site has all kinds of country bedding, rustic furniture, house wares, copper cookware, country décor, old time clocks, lighting and country curtains. We stock many more items than we would be able to in a brick and mortar store.

Our goal at Country Vintage Home is to provide our customers with high quality products and customer service along with some good old fashioned southern hospitality!

So come on in and stay as long as you like, we are sure you are going to find just the right items to make your home a Country Vintage Home!